Torture report shows progress in Afghanistan, but much more needed

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We'll have to be some measures taken by the government to address torture. We are seeing some Pennzoil impacts of the steps taken by the government over the last two years. But while it's good to see that. There's some progress the oval big as will torture and treatment of conflict related detainees. Still disturbingly high in the sense that one insert sorry to interrupt. But in the sense that one in three detainees six hundred plus detainees who you? Nominate contacted the UN mission in Afghanistan. One in three say, they tortured in what way would they tortured, please they were tortured principally by beachings mainly by eating with hikes in payables, including on the feet, which is very painful, but doesn't leave any mocks now in some pick your location, they were all other forms of kickback even more serious including with. Electric shocks is expensive from ceilings very hot to stress positions for extended. Periods of time. Pulling genitals reported threats of death and other forms of sexual violence. And also, a very common form in particular. Locations in panda included being suffocated, eighty the tactic digested ahead or your Walser for throats, and one common form was be covered by a blanket people sitting on Thursday and back and being also maintains except potatoes, especially the okay, so that sounds absolutely horrific. And yet, you NAMA is saying along with the office of the high commission of human rights that this is an improvement since the last report, which I think was in two thousand sixteen and do you? I started reporting on this in two thousand ten in the previous record. And if report it quite right thing debut stock and plenty time. Time is actually being some improvement in that it's disturbing wanting three and keep the down. However from thirty nine percent four out of ten in the previous two years ago. And the that in in twenty eighty there was some progress in the among those into twenty eighteen twenty seven to say because the real treatment. So yeah, I think how headline is that some progress is very long way to go. There was also at the normative and the negatives. If no in that in twenty eighteen Afghanistan exceeded the optional protocol eventually they'd still and that these why because today seventeenth today because one year since the optional protocol was exceeded to near encouraging Afghanistan too. Establish a national preventive mechanism as they're required to do. So can I just jump in Richard just to us? What is the state's ability and capacity to actually help improve this, obviously, there's a willingness to do. So, but how capable is it of actually achieving what it needs to? Yeah. All post anti-drug commissioned nationally ups yet eight legislative began store Jerry metro check, nor so they became being Orage taking some sticks at a high level it needs to do more. And they have been training have been establishment of mechanisms you've been the key agencies responsible for torture, including bagels and ESPN. She's been candidates agency, the police and the military, so they're awesome steps in the right direction to develop capacity, we have found however that what we call key procedural and other legal safeguards that'd be Parke's often failing to uphold them lose, for example, access to lawyers. I contacted the family medical screen and information of rights for detainees as well. Proper investigations to follow up when are complaints. Go turn treatment buying the perpetrators held to account or if they are the measures. They can be such serious such an serious crime, very light. And that victims are really told about progress or up of cases, which remain mainly opaque. Can I also just ask and sorta to interrupt about accountability? Because it doesn't sound like what it was certainly one of the features of the report and High Commissioner of human rights. Michelle Bachelet said there must be accountability. Otherwise, this kind of thing will never stop. But that's not particularly new messages it. So what are your main hopes having released this fifth report? A main hopes that the commitments made the normal given negative level internationally domestically actually in. Lamented in practice 'cause you're not seen enough of that yet. We we have seen some signs of accountability. Would apparently Trump people removed from positions, according to the government response to the report, but be seeing very little if any serious investigations or prosecutions still carry now a crime in this country, but many fits me to take him on accountability. At the criminal Justice never would also found that nearly all of the Chinese the report for chapter saying that the total ill-treatment stops. Once they confessed. And this kind of culture is very concerning. Confessions obtained done before share essentially worthless. And they are illegally excluded as evidence in court. And so that is another thing. Yeah. Much change needs to take place needed to use torture to obtain a confession do. Those who are perpetrating these abuses actually realized that is it a case of educating everyone in detention centers that it just went hold water in a court of law. It connected, and I think you're right -education training are absolutely necessary. That has been among standing practice of using torture to the pain confessions, and I think that making that issues unacceptable amigo country to the penal code. They have better results. I think we are starting to see better results in twenty eighteen particularly with the intelligence of the NBS and note that they have new UCF introduced better training and policies on torture. Yeah.

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