Golden Knights' Cody Eakin gets major penalty; Sharks stage furious rally for Game 7 win


It was them Eakin cross-check sharks. Captain Joe pavilion on faced off to Veliky was knocked off balance collided with another golden night, then slammed his head on the ice leaving him unconscious and bloodied. The Vegas argument is the crosscheck by itself. Didn't cause the injury excuse off. Yeah. Didn't warren. It was terrible. The only thing I didn't. I have not actually read the rule book. If it's written that a penalty infraction that leads to a sequence that leaves you hurt. Warren's a major. That when you draw saying is if the rule book specifically says that a penalty that doesn't directly cause but lead to injury. Rule. I I don't know what the writing is of that. But I mean propel ski was off balance. What he got when he got hit in wasn't hit high. He was basically, you know in the shoulder area. Right. Above the chest. And somebody else hit him career accident down down. And he got hurt anyone headfirst into the ice? Which was scary and him getting helped off the ice. But it's still I'm not telling you that you call two-minute penalty. But you're gotta call five minute. Major give a give them a five minute. Power play. That's that's a brutal. And marsha. So everybody else thinks that point in time leading the gave three enough. Yeah. I mean, San Jose scores. Four power play goals ties at NHL record their gold nights tie it late with forty seconds ago. Regulation than San Jose wins in overtime. But Marceau's, correct. I mean for forty forty plus minutes at game Vegas was better hockey team. And then you look at that play that call and give them a five minute power play at that stage. Those I thought it was a brutal Cole. No, it doesn't warrant or guarantee for shark schools. But you're giving you're giving them at that stage. You're giving them a power play. They don't deserve. I get the end result. Gold nights can do a much better job on the penalty kill them. They did. But still it's

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