Tommy Lee Marries Social Media Star Brittany Furlan: 'We Did It!'


Lee, Mary says social media star Britney Furlan. We did it did it. It's official married. Holy crap. Balls. We didn't Mr. and MRs Li I give the over under on this less than a year. We she is she is a step social media, darling. And they actually went a Netflix documentary about her the American Meam. Yeah, she used to be a vine star. And then vine went the way of the dinosaurs. And so I don't know exactly what she's doing right now. If you watch the documentary the American me on that flakes, Britney furlong is sad. And I think what is saying. Well, it just goes in it is just a depressing documentary about the state of some of these social media stars lonely. Yeah. Depressed slowly said I can't believe I went from the most depressed lonely girl thinking, I would die alone with my dogs. Getting married in four days. Tommy Lee, you have oh, I just Honey you could do better than this this fourth. Elaine star Chuck was number one for Tommy Lee. Mr. lease here for you. Number two, Heather Locklear, number three, Pamela Anderson. Number three point five, Pamela Anderson. And then number four is Britney. Well, let's wish them the best. And hope that their love is attorney somehow. I don't think it is.

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