How Bariatric Surgery Works


We have a lot of a lot of different components. To make sure that they're gonna do well for surgery and not just do well from the surgery, but that the surgery's going to set them into rate course for life. Not all of the young patients will need bariatric surgery from patients who are sent to us to be evaluated for obesity surgery. We have approximately I'd say seventy five percent of the patients who we have seen for surgery are in a pathway for surgery, and that surgery, usually it's what's called a sleeve gastric to me, which is removing about seventy percent of the stomach taking the stomach which is shaped in size and shape really about the size of a inflated American football into signs of a bad of banana. Dr Greenspan says this program it s has some health Karna Glennon children's hospital helps these young people turn their lives around with the hope for a healthier future. All of our patients are patients who have tried other things for example, exercise multiple diets found little to no success. And this surgery really provide almost a reset button for the weight loss and the patients have just

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