Friendlys Fire: Sudden Store Closings Spark Fury


This episode of business wars daily is brought to you by zero to show a brand new podcast from octa. Every successful entrepreneur follows a different path. Learn how to forge your own by listening two zero two zero wherever you get your podcasts. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business words daily on this Monday, April fifteenth, there are a whole lot of things happening today. It's tax day patriot's day and the one hundred and twenty second Boston marathon, even for non runners the marathon is an institution viewing it or watching the barrage of ads for footwear, athletic, clothing, and sports drinks can inspire even the most dedicated couch potato to go out for a jog. Well, maybe not the most dedicated couch potato for those of us who rather sit than sprint friendly's, the iconic east coast ice cream chain is offering a celebrate Tori marathon Sunday. So what makes it a marathon Sunday? Try twenty six point two ounces of ice cream. That's one ounce for every mile of the marathon, the six coupe red white and blue patriots Sunday costs almost ten dollars will only be offered today in friendlies Massachusetts stores. Offering marathon theme. Treat is counter intuitive and gives friendly's chance of standing out from the outdoor branding mania surrounding the race. But friendly's has been facing just about as many rivals as any top marathon runner from traditional competitors. Like restaurant chain Bob Evans to a multitude of healthier fast, casual restaurants as a result. What's going on in the friendly's boardroom is well anything but friendly in early April at about the same time that it announced its gigantic Sunday friendlies abruptly closed twenty three restaurants in New England and upstate New York, reportedly without warning employees. I the closure sparked controversy over whether the company had complied with federal law requiring sixty days notice of an eminent layoff friendly's owned by a private equity firm has been on a downward slide for years in the last decade is closed more than three hundred locations leaving it today with one hundred seventy four while every company has its own management. Uh-huh. Friendly's is also struggling with dynamics that are squeezing big food brands everywhere. It's an ice cream and burger place in an era when families are searching out healthier lighter foods, it's been in and out of chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. In the last several years. The company says the closures are intended to help the chain and its latest rebranding effort, but the term challenges friendly's faces could be the eighty year old chains. Heartbreak hill. Romm wondering this is business wars daily take a second away from that. I r s deadline and rate and review our show on your favorite podcast Appalachia. We promise it's a heck of a lot easier than those taxes. Thanks bunch. David brown. See you tomorrow. Businessworld daily is brought to you by zero to PO a brand new podcast from octa a lot of startup stories. Just focus on the big wins. But being an entrepreneur heart, and it can be lonely. If all you ever hear about others, crushing it in zero to PO, you'll hear about the different stages of business growth, and the blood, sweat, and tears. It took for some of the world's most successful. Entrepreneurs to get where they are today. People like VC's, Mark Andriessen, and Ben Horowitz, and Netflix is potty mcchord zero IPO is hosted by Frederick Carris co-founder of octa and Joshua Davis, contributing editor at wired the conversations they have are candid and the learnings are invaluable. You can listen to zero to wherever you get your podcast.

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