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Well for the last couple of years we've told people they could take time off during the holidays. But if they're gonna work they need to come in the office. And even though they came in the office. It was you know, really kind of slow and half days. And so this past year in two thousand eighteen we try something new we implemented a new policy, which effectively shut down the office, unless you're on PTO paid time off we shut down the office, you were still working, but you didn't have to come into office. So between Christmas and New Year's there was really no one in here. Every once in a while someone will drop him because they forgot something that seemed to be here for minute or two operations went on. They just weren't here in the office. They worked from home, and it was really nice, and I did the same thing and. It was great. It was very effective if a client call it or we had to get something done, and we still gotta done. We just didn't have to commute. Well, New Year's Eve as always for a business day was very very slow, but I actually decided to come in. And so I came from Alf four or five hours, and I was doing the final preparations for this podcast. We were going to be launching on January second, and I wanted to make sure that we had a backlog if episodes, and I was in here all by myself on New Year's Eve for a couple of hours during the day, and it was super effective. So it's really nice when I can come into the office, actually and get a lot of work done. And there aren't people here. The phone's not ringing. There's not a lot of distractions, and you could just get down and focus on work as a matter of fact, right now when I'm recording this it's six fifty on a Friday night. And I'm doing it for that. Same exact reason I decided there's nobody here there. Nothing going on. I can totally focus, and I can pump out a couple of these episodes and get them recorded and build a little bit backlog. So that I don't have to stress out in three or four or five days when someone's telling me that we're getting low on episodes. I can get it done and get out of the way. And then when I come in Monday through Friday during normal business hours on I'll have to worry about this. Or some other thing that I'll take care of tonight because it's just done whenever you get an opportunity to get something done early get it done. And that's actually one of our core values which is urgency. Always have urgency of what you do even if it's the holidays, even if your offices shut down if you wanna get ahead in business and life take care of this things. Now, don't wait until the next time that the offices open to get your work done. Just get it done. Now. Thank you for listening. I hope you heard something you can implement in your

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