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Hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go. We're hiring is simple. And smart that place is ZipRecruiter. Where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. Try it for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash tech talk. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Okay. Harry, Jefferson Graham USA day here talking tag. What do we think about the new Samsung galaxy S ten well are we lay Blumenthal from USA day? He's been playing with phone for days. And he's going to feel everyone in on his thoughts about the new the latest galaxy. We learn things are on jet. Yes. The galaxy s ten s ten family really comes out on Friday, March eighth and I've been using the ten plus for the better part of the last week and a half, and it's an excellent phone. It's got a beautiful six point four inch display. That's the ten plus model the ten in SNES slightly smaller displays absolutely stunning screen of really cool new fingerprint sensor that after software update seems to work fine that puts print sensor inside the display. It's got five cameras. Total three on the back and two on the front of the cheaper. Remodel the us. And the only has a three cameras or ally. The headline for the people that have an essay Rana's nine what are the major improvements differences with this phone? So the three main differences the display it now is similar to the iphone that goes edge to edge in covers Samsung says ninety three percent or just over ninety three percent of the display. There's a little cutout for the front camera as opposed to the iphone in the pixel which have what's known as a notch that little bar along the top of the phone the fingerprint sensor is no longer on the back. It's now built into the screen, which is really cool futuristic vibe there. And then lastly, the cameras so on the ten plus which is the motto I've been using for the last week and a half. There are five total sensors three on the back to on the front on the back on the SMS ten plus in new Oltra wide lens, which is something Sampson hasn't had on their phones on their line of phones. At least before I let you take. Really wide angle shots. And actually, I found to be pretty good and on the front on the S ten. Plus, there's a second camera for better, I guess depth than southeast. Okay. Who let let's go to those five lines. And so one of them is wide one of them is normal. And what end the other one the other three are what? So they're five centers. So the three on the back are wide, which is the standard lens that most people use a telephoto lens which provides an extra zoom, and then this new Oltra wide mode. That captures more of the field of use. Samsung says is a more complete field of you similar to what you see with your eye. All right. So after using this phone for week and a half would you ditch the eight or the nine to buy the new on the nine I'm not so sure just because last year, you probably spent a lot of money to get the nine and the differences Walter nice the altar wide lenses. Nice. The fingerprint sensors, cool, the display looks great. The nine is fantastic phone, and it still is a fantastic phone. The new software updates at Samsung has started rolling out with Android. Nine are excellent. So there's no real rush. If you just got a phone. On the last couple of months, even in the last year to necessarily digit and jumped to the new one if you have an eight and the battery starting to go, and the cameras may be isn't performing as well as you would have liked then. Yes, if you're happy with galaxy, and you love that phone the ten plus or the ten line released a natural upgrade and one that you'll be pretty happy with its phone season. Once again early in twenty nine teen Blumenthal from USA. Thanks for calling us in remind everybody. How to find you Twitter? I'm on Twitter at alive woman, all the ally. Bill you and the N T H. All right. I met Jefferson Grammy. Listen talking tech. Thanks, everyone for listening. Be sure to subscribe at a show wherever you listen to online podcast with USA today for the latest and thank you for listening. In need of great talent for your business. But short on time. You don't have to get lost in a huge stack of resumes to find your perfect hire. You just need the right tools smarter tools with ZipRecruiter you can post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with just one click then ZipRecruiter. Actively looks for the most qualified candidates and invites them to apply. So you never miss a great match. No wonder eighty percent of employers who post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one day. 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