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Actually the most shared story on all English language. Facebook in the first three months of twenty nineteen the person who fest shed this story never expected this one hundred nineteen word news brief to go viral. But it did no one knows why not even will. But it did get him thinking Mark Zuckerberg was to go back to this house in days. And he's redesigning the Facebook newsfeed to protest friends and family rather than brands in twenty teen. Facebook announced some major adjustments to its algorithms meant to change. What uses saw on their news feeds, but just over a year after Facebook announced these changes this short, but alarming headline managed to spread across the platform so quickly. And so thoroughly that will decided to explore further. I'm Jordan Erika Weber and this week we look into what a local new story about a suspected predator. Can tell us about Facebook's algorithms, and I talked to the author of the original study on Facebook trans so far this year through helps to shed some light on what it is that makes content most likely to go viral unfair book in twenty nineteen one

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