Duke selected as top overall seed in NCAA tournament


The field is set for the NC double A tournament and Duke is the number one overall seed play out of the east region to other ACC schools. Get one seat North Carolina in the mid West Virginia in the south the one seed in the west is Gonzaga, Michigan state and Kentucky and Michigan. The last four in that will face the eleven seed playing games or Belmont against temple and Saint John's going up against Arizona state conference championships Sunday Auburn takes the SEC is they clobber Tennessee eighty four to sixty four. So the balls get trounced ESPN's Jay Williams says Tennessee could still make some noise the NCAA tournament. I think any great coach is able to use whatever happens in a championship game to their advantage for Tennessee. I really see Rick Barnes making them understand. Hey, look, we got knocking him out for a reason, let's use this as motivation. See a two seed in the south will face Colgate. In round one. Michigan state comes back to win the big ten title defeating rival Michigan. Sixty five percents beat Cincinnati out of the American Downes used sixty nine to fifty seven St Louis takes the Atlantic. Ten Yale wins the ID beating rival Harvard in Georgia state captures the sun

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