Chris Evans Ignites Celeb Civil War By Incorrectly Ranking His Favorite Chips


Danya was talking about. Chris Evans ranking the frito lay products in order chips. So then France started recording themselves having the conversation with other friends, and they kinda got heated. How do you argue over your favorite chip it happens? People argue over the dumbest crowd Aimable Doritos Rito? Reto. Barbecue Fritos Lay's, y'all ain't y'all ain't hood. Jolly thought right here with the reader. You go to any cheese product already in the who is toss it. All right. Dan, frito out of respect to your grandmother. Barbecue. And Cole ranch was still. Abasi? Nobody likes. Give me sad about this. We argue about the same stupid team. I would put Fritos at the bottom because anything you have to dip isn't a free. Does. This reminds me my dogs dog. That's that's why I would put at the bottom of the list barbecue. I all

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