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Now, I'm trying to Casey Anthony was the most recent one that we were all like. Yeah. Watching the trials. I mean in Cosby, but they're having shown much of it. So the Cosby they really haven't shown the fire fish the next version of that. Because I feel like I made my it's my friend group. And I don't know if I'm being specific to like LA media types. But I feel like everyone I know has watched one or two one of or both documents. And everyone's talking I watched the Netflix when I really liked it. I was really surprised by how entertaining it was. I really didn't think it would be interesting who even funny. Okay. I do it's supposed to be better. Both good. But the Hulu on his funnier. Because the hula one has the dude who. Because he's only on a little bit of the Netflix. Billy sat down for an interview. Joe? Sorry, spoiling whatever I'm trying to tell. If you watch Hulu dock at the end of it hit says what he's doing in jail now. And it's really funny I won't spoil. Sociopath. Right. I mean, he was he doesn't care about anyone. I can't believe neither documentary mentions like coke and alcohol. These are. You have so much money. To work man at a party where way smaller version of that is going on where you're like. No trust me. If we go down to the bar. We you know, it's like this is gonna work. These guys are like, let's imply island. It's like just status status is above. I don't I remember when it happened. I just remembered the my really only frame of references seeing like a fire festival post. And then like saying with the refreshing were, and it was like a piece of bread with like. Yeah. I knew I don't picture went viral of just like a cheese slice of bread. So when you started doing standup, did you see a path yourself with work writing for TV with that? Or was that kind of the I thought it was a it was never the end goal. I thought it was a possibility. But only because I saw some of the guys around me getting writing jobs and getting like like because you know, I not like, boo. But it's like I did struggle for a long time. I had jobs here. A long time. I just mean sure I hear I was just doing CNN. I was trying to like because if you think about it, you you might get meetings because people will see you and be like, you're so funny, and obviously not obviously, but I write on my own material. And so then they like and you're a good writer. But I never was like I'm a good writer. Yes. You know? You're like I'm a good stance. Yeah. And so then I would sit me down and be like do you have a package of this? And I'd be like, no, I just do what you saw. And so no one really no one saw money. Mitch Hedberg has that joke from his act where it's like, they asked me. If I wanted to be a writer, and I said, you don't ask a chef. If he knows how to raise a cow. It is that funny thing of like, I it's not exactly the same skill. But you, and it's very face on some of the people, you know, who are right. Like, that's the part that always gets you though, where it's like, okay. If that fucker is doing that. Why am I not trying that? And they think there's like I think it's really easy. And I think it's partly female. I think there's some element of like not imagining that for yourself or something. And but men are just of like gimme that. And there's a little bit of that ingrained. Like, I think same with improv that like you are a writer. I could improvise a full scene for you with no other person that's writing characters seen Seen again. is that now writing it's really hard to make that leap in your mind. And be like, wait. I could right. Yeah. It would scare me. What about your it took me my first three years out here to finally deliver them a script? And they're like, this is fucking

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