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Are you someone who tries to drive while distracted by your phone? Someone who props it up on the steering wheel, or peeks down at it for a glance? Or just scrolls and scrolls? If so, you could be the next person to get into a fender bender, get a ticket, veer off the road, or even cause a crash that kills you or someone else. Enough with the phones already. Put them down and pay attention, or pay the price. You drive. You text. You pay. Paid for by NHTSA. Grows louder from the Fed. And Elon Musk wraps up his visit to China. Investigators reportedly have a recording of former President Trump admitting he kept a secret military document, plus deadly attacks in Ukraine. I'm Michael Barr. More Ahead. I'm John Stashow in sports. The Yankees lost in Seattle 1 -0 in 10 innings. The Mets beat the Phillies. The NBA Finals begin tonight. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg Daybreak. On Bloomberg 11 -3 -0, New York. Bloomberg 99 -1, Washington, D .C. Bloomberg 1061, Boston. Bloomberg 960, San Francisco. Sirius XM 119. And around the world on BloombergRadio .com and via the Bloomberg Business App.

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