North Korean Lazarus Group Allegedly Tries to Phish Euler Exploiter

Ethereum Daily


Ronin bridge exploiter has sent an unchained message to the Euler exploiter, the message contains a link to a decryption tool and requests the Euler exploiter to use its private key with a tool to decrypt a message. The Euler team urged the Euler exploiter to not use the tool because it contains a vulnerability that could lead to a private key compromise. The Euler exploiter responded to the team's message, claiming they quote still want to do the right thing. Last week, the Euler exploiter had sent 100 ether to the same sanctioned while it addressed associated with the ronin bridge hack, but while it is believed to be controlled by a North Korean hacking group known as the Lazarus group, the Euler exploiter is yet to return the remaining funds back to the oiler protocol.

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