Pat Boone Shares a Story About Elvis and Lisa Marie


I remember, I don't know, it's got to be close to like 15 years ago or something. When Elizabeth Taylor passed away and Dick Cavett, who I'm privileged to call a friend as I call you friend, he was interviewed on, I don't know what it was. I don't think Larry King was on anymore. But it was one of those shows and he was being asked about Liz Taylor and he said, yeah, she's like the last of the redwoods from that Hollywood era. She's the last one. But he said, but, you know, we shouldn't envy these people because he knew the behind the scenes story that addicted to drugs innumerable failed marriages, alcoholism. I mean, a level of misery that is mostly hidden from the public or it's sold in the tabloids as part of their fun, crazy life. But you know these people as people and you realize it sells itself records, it sells movies, but it destroys lives. It's heartbreaking. Yeah, when Lisa Marie. Died recently and her own son had died of a drug overdose. And I'd been with her just a month before with Priscilla. It was at the 45th anniversary of Elvis's death. And of course, there were still people coming from around the world as they do every year in August. And there's a shrine that was on Elvis at his at his home site. And it's almost like they're coming to commemorate saint Elvis. Because for sure. And he was gone and so they just can't let him go. Well, then in the shadow of all of that, talk about the valley of the shadow of death. Lisa Marie's son died, and then of drugs, and then she died of a heart attack. And I made the statement because I loved them all. I had just been with them. Celebrating, you know, Elvis life. And to some extent, his death, and I made the statement that supreme fantastic success can often be more dangerous, the sudden success than long lives in poverty.

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