Brenna Bird: Iowa Is Moving in the Right Direction


You are a county prosecutor before you became attorney general, you would also worked in the capitol as an attorney for prior administrations, what's the political mood these days in terms of trying to get things done? Is it as adversarial as some in the national media would claim or do you find there are still enough good people out there in the heartland to take care of business the way it should be done? Well, I do believe we have good people here and people are working on it. It doesn't make it easy though. It's never easy to get something done. It seems like, but as we are working forward in Iowa, we have gotten some great things done. We have school choice in Iowa done. We have a number of major things that have been able to happen in our state. And the process is kind of messy sometimes, but I feel like in Iowa, we're moving in the right direction.

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