Iran-backed fighters on alert in east Syria after US strikes


Iran backed fighters were on alert in eastern Syria, a day after U.S. forces launched retaliatory air strikes in the embattled country. The U.S. air strikes came a day after a suspected Iran made drone killed a U.S. contractor and wounded several other Americans after the U.S. air strikes, rockets were fired at bases housing U.S. troops in eastern Syria. It's not the first time there's been an exchange of fire between Iran and the U.S. and Syria. However, it comes at a sensitive time. The latest strikes threaten to upend new efforts for peace in the region, such as a recent reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a deal which was broken by China, president Joe Biden defended the U.S. air strikes. The United States does not does not emphasize seek conflict with Iran, but be prepared to act forcefully, protect our people. A statement issued by the Iranian consultative center in Syria warned the U.S. not to carry out further strikes in Syria, I'm Karen Chammas

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