Mexico moving migrants away from borders to relieve pressure


Mexico has been using planes and buses to move migrants away from the U.S. border. Mexican authorities have been flying migrants south away from the U.S. border and busing new arrivals away from its border with Guatemala. To keep them from massing along the U.S. southern border. One official speaking anonymously says about 300 migrants are being transferred south each day. Among them are about a thousand migrants that the U.S. has returned to Mexico. After title 42 restrictions were lifted, people from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Cuba. The director of a human rights group in Washington, Adam isaacson says. The northern part of the migrant route is being emptied out a bit, but it adds more people to the southern and middle parts, and equilibrium, he says that can not be sustained. The U.S. reports a more than 50% drop in the number of illegal border crossings since title 42 expired about 4000 a day. I'm Jackie Quinn

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