The Popularity of Donald Trump Is About to Skyrocket


Democrats are not actually playing chess. This is a bad game of checkers, and they're not thinking this through. I say this only in that I know what their motivation is. They want to make sure that he never, ever, ever, ever, gets near the Oval Office again. But by doing this, they actually are going to have a boomerang effect where they make catapult the guy into the Oval Office. I mean, think about this. Who the heck? Are they going to run from the Democrat party? I'm sorry, but Joe Biden has really proven. He's lack of worst as a president between the inflation. You heard me just talking about eggs 6% inflation. We got a banking crisis underway. Who the heck knows what the fed's going to do, by the way, the CEO of key city capital is coming up Thai Lasseter. He's going to talk to us about what to expect from the fed. There are meeting today and tomorrow. We have so many problems. The situation in Ukraine. The situation with China, meanwhile, congressional investigations are turning up allegations that his family, Biden's family was benefiting tremendously from China. So if there's financial kickbacks going on, those are things that do, in fact, need to be investigated. And this is all baggage that Joe Biden carries with him. I do not think that he is electable. Second time around. So who are they going to put forward? Kamala, I mean, my gosh, poor Kamala,

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