South Carolina moves closer to abortion ban, a Southern trend that puts pressure on Virginia


Another southern state appears ready to pass tighter new restrictions on abortion access, joining about a dozen other localities in the south. The South Carolina House of Representatives just passed a near ban on abortion access after 6 weeks before many women even know they're pregnant, and the state Senate will likely take a vote next week. It was one of the few places left in the south for those seeking abortions. With North Carolina lawmakers this week, overriding the governor's veto of their 12 week ban, which will now take effect July 1st. Doctor Erika pettigrew is disappointed. Really devastating to have a patient in front of you who needs something that you could clearly give, but the lawmakers tell you that you can't. She says she's been helping out of state women get abortion care and now she'll be helping her own patients to other states. The moral injury to physicians and to other medical professionals just can't be underestimated. Virginia remains an outlier in the south, where women still have unrestricted abortion access. The new limits follow the Supreme Court last year overturning roe versus wade. I'm Jackie Quinn

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