Tornadoes kill at least 11 across US Midwest and South


At least 18 people are dead across the Midwest and mid south as severe weather hit several states Friday, bringing with it reports of more than 65 tornadoes. Deaths were reported in Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi. Plus thousands of homes and buildings destroyed or damaged according to officials at a strip mall in Little Rock Arkansas Joanna McCain huddled with other customers as a tornado blew the roof from another building. We ran to the back, we huddled together, and we pray for our lives. Airline Abrams was in her store when the same tornado blew out a glass window. But we all made it into the bathroom, and it was only one person in storm prediction center forecaster Jared guyer says, these were fast moving tornadoes and the region will see more, possibly as soon as Tuesday. Severe weather becomes more common as we go through the remainder of the spring. I'm Julie Walker

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