House GOP Rushes Bill to Make Some Spending Cuts, Raise Debt Ceiling


McCarthy says he's got the votes to shove through very quickly a plan that would raise the debt ceiling. Now, look, if this is, in my concern here is this is happening so fast. That you've got some Republicans out there, not house freedom caucus folks mind you, but you have other Republicans, including congresswoman Nancy mace at a South Carolina who's basically a conservative Democrat, and then you've got our good friend, congressman Tim burchett, from right here in Tennessee, where we broadcast this national radio program, and there among those saying, hey, wow Nellie. Everything, huh? They're saying this thing is being shoved through and they haven't had a chance to really talk about this, but the house is scheduled to vote sometime today. To raise the debt ceiling. Now there is there are some spending cuts connected to this, but we don't have the details. So that's my concern is all of this is being done in closed doors. A House rules committee chairman Tom Cole, from Oklahoma, told reporters that he does have the votes. This is after a 6 hour hearing overnight to get the bill ready for the floor. And I think we've all been down this road before ladies and gentlemen, where lawmakers, when they stay overnight in the capital, very bad things happen to your wallet and sometimes to the interns. No, I'm just kidding. But nothing good ever happens after dark at the U.S. capitol. I think we can all agree to that. So

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