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Forward slash wind cider. Welcome back to the wind siders show this episode Rachel's on hiatus, so I've brought in the wind cider mock draft expert met Cohen to discuss the draft, it was an interesting one. It was a fun one if you joined us on playback. It was one of our best during the off season, obviously, 'cause it was more WNBA related than the NCAA tournament was. We had some great discussions, some great initial thoughts. We're a few days removed so we can kind of take a breath of fresh air, let the fumes of the draft kind of settle and possibly hopefully take more of a overbearing or not overbearing overview approach on what exactly happened in this draft. But before we do that, let's run down aria's notes of what each team's needs were going into the draft and then we'll dive into kind of what happened in our reactions grades, things like that, mat if there's anything you want to chime in when I'm talking about any team, obviously, jump in, interrupt me as we do. For me, the Atlanta dream you just take best available. You're obviously not so worried in this draft where they were placed about stocking up in positions that they have too much depth. In fact, I wouldn't say Atlanta has too much depth and really any position. So just best available. Chicago sky to me was point guard depth. You could also argue maybe some big depth, but to me it was mostly, you know, Courtney van der sloot's gone, how are you going to fill that need? For me, similarly for the Connecticut sun, it was point guard depth. We're going to be looking for this team to find, I mean, we already know they have all star heck MVP caliber, front court presence, the backcourt is the question with younger players and players who aren't necessarily the most vet savvy, if you were. Dallas wings, a shooting, really just shooting. Point guard shirt, but shooting. And if they're going to go for a point guard, someone who doesn't need the ball in their hands. For the fever, depth, we already know they're going to Leah Boston. But what else can they get? And what can they do in terms of depth? The aces, nothing, the sparks shooting due to injuries and pregnancies. They've lost some of their key shooters coming into this season as it were. Minnesota, a point guard or a 5, the New York liberty, nothing. The mercury point guard, and that's honestly just because Skylar digging Smith question mark. Other than that, it's depth and as always with this team shooting. You got BG back. You're not worried about in the paint scoring. You need shooting. Seattle storm, point guards, and depth. And then the Washington mystics just shooting. Any form of shooting I would prefer in the guard spots, but shooting. Did I miss anything? No, I actually, as I'm listening to you go through it, it seems like a lot of these teams were looking for a lot of the same kinds of things. So it was really interesting here. Yeah, and I think a lot of that has to do with talk about a tangent. But I think about a lot of that has to do with just kind of the situation of the league and because we saw so many teams, like Minnesota isn't really starting from scratch, but they kind of are. And Chicago starting from scratch. LA, Seattle. We're seeing a lot of these teams starting from scratch versus the mystics, a team that literally just needs like one thing. Everything else is set there. I need one player who's going to come off the bench who's going to be aerial powers from their championship year. Come off the bench, hit some important shots, supply some needed points and give their starters some rest. Christy toliver is not to be the she used to be. All right. Let's go down this list. Let's talk about what our mindset is. And I'm going to be honest. Everyone likes to call me hater yeh, I give some pretty good grades out. All right. I'm a pretty nice grater. Matt, you're actually a teacher. So I fully anticipate that you're going to bring out the red pen correct me and give some harder more tough grades. If possible. So you got it. Minnesota first. Look, you add Miller, you had hirsch, you had dork. And veal, right? So it's going to be a really fun training camp, Minnesota's very, very interesting because of the roster size and the space. And that's the other aspect too, where I'm always torn when we do these things because are we talking about in the sense of if they could sign everyone here or because also realistically like, I don't know, it's tough because I could see it in a billion different ways. We're judging them based on who they did draft, not who could make the team. But if I'm looking in a long more of a long-term view of this, I could argue, well, you signed this or you drafted this player, they're not going to make your roster and then they're going to be available for another team to pick up who may be did a better draft pick of an overseas player, lots to discuss on that. What's your initial thought about the Minnesota editions? So I know it's something that we've talked a lot about in the off season about Minnesota's specific needs, looking at a point guard looking at the front court, specifically because somebody follows retired. And so who are you going to replace her with? How are you going to fail those needs? And I know that you and I and also Rachel have talked a lot about this draft may not and probably doesn't have those players. So what is Cheryl going to do? What are the links going to do? How are they going to figure out who to bring in? And I think Minnesota actually did a pretty good job. I know at the two diamond Miller that was the consensus choice. You get a quality player, a really good athletic player there. I think hirsch is going to become more of a draft and stash for later. I love the dork pick. Taylor, soul pick later on. I love the BOP. I think Minnesota does a pretty good job here of getting players that can come in and play. We've talked a little bit about minutes and where are they going to fit in?

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