John Lasseter returns from exile


KCRW sponsors include Amazon studios, presenting Cold War, named best foreign language film by the national board of review and the New York Film. Critics Circle directed by Oscar winning Pablo Pavlovsky a words eligible in all categories. I'm Kim masters, and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt Bellamy of the Hollywood reporter, and Matt I guess yesterday was a good day for accused sexual harassers who were hoping to make a comeback. John Lasseter who left Disney and Pixar onto the cloud of multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior got a job at sky dance animation the company that is belongs to David Ellison. The son of very very wealthy multi-billionaire. Larry Ellison who gifted his son with a few billion dollars to make movies in Hollywood. Yeah. This is caused a lot of backlash within the animation community and the Hollywood community at large because it is probably the most high profile person to have been. In quote, unquote, metoo out of the business, and now to be back in, and we know that John Lasseter had been shopping himself around for months trying to get meetings with different people. Most of these companies are studios that are owned by publicly traded companies took a pass on him. This seems to be the one place that was open to it. And like you said it is not a public company. It is a private company owned by a billionaire. So the reaction within the community not good. Let me be clear. This was my story. I broke that story. And that is what caused his departure does the immediate cause of the departure from Disney and Pixar John Lasseter is brilliant animator with many storied films. I mean, Toy Story two frozen. Everybody knows this who knows anything about animation. However, this was a bad situation that had been allowed to fester. And while sky dance is a private company funded by private billions, it has a deal with paramount. The amount is not only a public company, but paramount is part of Viacom, which is also the parent of CBS, which has had horrible public problems with horrible sexual worst than sexual harassment allegations. And this is an embarrassment to paramount and a problem and a lot of people paramount is supposed to distribute sky dance animated films. This is a huge problem. Also for paramount. Yeah, we're hearing that people on the paramount lot or really upset about this and word saying, a why don't we just not release them? I don't think that's legally possible. But you know, we had a story in hide reporter today about talking to some female animators, and they are going on the record saying, I will not work at sky dance. If John Lasseter is there. That's a big problem because you know, yes, he's a genius. But what you just not gonna hire women. Are you gonna have all male all-male, animation company forgetting men and women? Like, there's a lot of men who are upset by this. Absolutely. I just don't I don't know when you're in a talent oriented business and talent has strong opinions about the kind of people they work with how do you operate a business? Like this win that's led by such a toxic person. And I will say that, you know. Yes, there has to be a road back. But what John Lasseter did was to issue basically an apology by press. Release a brief statement saying Oops, I really thought this all over and I'm really sorry. If I made people uncomfortable, and that is not the road back. I think we can agree. So we'll see I if sky dance wants to stay the course. But there are women running animation companies. There's a woman running Disney animation. Now co running a woman running paramount animation woman just aimed to run DreamWorks animation. So there is that. Thank you, Matt. That's Matt Bellamy editorial director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday at two o'clock on the business. I'm Kim masters, and this is the Hollywood breakdown KCRW sponsors include focus features, presenting black klansman G Q hills. Black klansman is. The movie of the year nominated for three sag awards, including outstanding on samba cast in a motion picture and four critics choice awards including best picture of the year. This podcast was made by public radio station. KCRW our status has nonprofit enables us to make bold and unusual programs. But we need your support to keep it that way donate or become a member at KCRW dot com slash join. And thanks.

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