'I won't back down': Trump commits to Syria withdrawal in call with Erdogan


In December. Donald Trump surprised many, including it appears his own security and military advisers by saying he was pulling the US out of northeastern Syria, he said ISIS had been defeated and therefore the two thousand US soldiers stationed there would be returning home this caused a great deal of tension around the month bridge area, currently under the control of US, but Kurdish troops whom Turkey views terrorists talking non wants to take control of the area. President Recep tie other untold Trump in a phone call. Well, I login, yuck. Lee is a journalist based in estan Bush's on the line with me. Now Isla thanks for joining us. So the statement by Edwin follows two violent incidents in which US service people were killed tell us a little about that. That's certainly those episodes that you mentioned those that certainly has probably adding to US concerns about how long and in what shape this withdraw will take. We'll we'll take in northern Syria. President one blamed. The attacks on the Islamic state saying it's an attempt to influence the US. I would imagine he suggesting that I says what doesn't want the US to leave are one says that they are in a position to pick up the fight against Islamic state and finish it off. But the priority for Turkey isn't has never been as Llamas state, but the whi PG the Kurdish militia that spot alongside the United States against Islam state. So how far is unable to deal with the US in good faith. I mean, given the chumps advises seem to be rolling back the time line for troop withdrawal, and there appears to be little consensus between the president and his team. I mean who can do and believe in who is he dealing with? President devan appears to be banking on his personal relationship with Trump. The two men have spoken at least four times by my count in the past month, or so the Turkish president views the rust of Trump's administration with wariness he's concerned that they are not nearly as committed as Trump is to pulling out of Syria, and they want to impose certain conditions, don't they? That's right. I mean, there's key figures within the Trump administration, including the secretary of state and others have said that any withdrawal should be contingent on the protection of the white PG this Kurdish militia with whom US soldiers who fought alongside against Zomig. St. however, that is the the main issue here because for Turkey going into Syria as much as our says he's committed to cleaning up the remnants of Zomig state. The real focus for Turkey is the Kurdish militia there. They see a Kurdish entity on their turkeys occurred entity in southern border as a grave national security risk worry that it could stoke separatism among its own far larger Kurdish population is there room that for joint tuck as US operation. I think that that's something that Turkey has long pushed for especially for this town of members of flash point in northeastern Syria. It's where US special forces are still present where they faced attacks in recent in recent days, and which is under the control also of the white PG or the STF, which is a nother acronym in which the Kurdish militia makes up the bulk of the

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