Two killed as plane crashes near homes in Ohio: media


Now Giuliani says those statements were hypothetical. You're listening to ABC news. Newsradio six ten WTVN. Allison wyatt. Frigid temperatures will be in place for another night the weekend winter storm canceled more than forty five hundred flights and AAA says the now the cold temperatures could be draining your car batteries. So we've seen more than double the normal amount of calls for normal Monday today, and people are not even working many people are off worker off school today. And we're still seeing more than double normal call volume because of the cold. You're also advised to keep your animals indoors tonight. The Arctic air that is much of the east coast could even spread as far south as the Florida, panhandle. But a warmup is coming as soon as tomorrow afternoon with a high that should be around thirty nine most in in most of Franklin county a deadly plane crash in Ohio has taken the lives of at least two people. The FAA confirming that a twin engine DC three with six people on board went down shortly after takeoff from kid. During this morning after clipping some power lines two of the people on board are confirmed dead while the other four have life threatening injuries ABC's Mark Remillard, the flight was headed to the Akron, canton airport today, the two male victims have been identified, but their names have not been released. No one on the ground was injured. Crews are still working to restore power in the area where the plane went down right state university. Faculty members are expected to go on strike tomorrow. Members of the right state chapter of the American Association of university. Professors rejected the latest employment terms, they were issued by the school's board of trustees that covered areas of healthcare as well as pay restaurant week is underway in Columbus encouraging people to go out and try places that they've been meaning to try or go to visit some old favorites we have about one hundred twenty or over one hundred twenty up Columbus. Best restaurants that'll be featuring three course meal anywhere from fifteen to forty dollars. Lindsey press with six one four magazine says you can. Get all different types of food Barcelona black point Hudson twenty nine headquarter on you in the Dublin bridge park area. We've got a lot of different types of restaurants for a lot of different types of pallet. She says it is a best idea though to make a reservation so that you don't have to wait. I'm Alison Wyant. Your ABC six first warning weather forecast is coming up in sixty seconds. I heart radio

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