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The patriots three point favorites over the LA Rams twelve four now Bloomberg market minute. Being brought to you by the Holland grip retirement wealth advisers, stocks are lower to start the holiday-shortened week. The Dow Jones industrials are down one hundred ninety three points to twenty four thousand five thirteen. The NASDAQ is down seventy eight the S and P five hundred down twenty five points. Johnson and Johnson shares are lower. Jay Jay's fourth quarter results topped analysts forecasts, but the pharmaceutical company predict sales growth will slow in two thousand nineteen. There was a big drop last month and the number of houses changing hands across the country. The. National association of realtors reports sales of existing homes fell six point four percent. In December homes were selling at an annual rate of just under five million the slowest in nearly three years and UBS clients pulled thirteen billion dollars in assets during the market meltdown at the end of last year. The based Bank says volatility protectionism and geopolitical tensions are still weighing on investors from Bloomberg world headquarters, I'm Jeff Bellinger for NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A it's my name on the door. You bet I want things done a certain way every idea has to be best for the client back when I first got into this business financial advisors were mostly tied to those big name companies. They have that broad name recognition, but they were restricted in the products and services that they could offer. I just didn't want to do things that way. So even though people weren't exactly knocking my door down at first. I knew in the long run being independent would help. Me better serve my clients. So that is my

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