The WCBS 880 Annual Top Tech Gift Guide - Pt. 3

Dishin' Digital


Addition digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority. We continue our top tech gift guide was something called a Guimba will be an H is Yossi white broad showed us the DIGI. I Oslo mobile to a selfie stick on steroids. Volcanoes early popular right now for pretty much everybody to try to do home videos professional videos with their phone. It stabilizes the videos, it makes it look much more professional than you would and held just question phone into it. It does all the work. It's got some Motors in it that stabilize everything and many wish-lists are sure to include the new apple watch, these watches can do almost anything your phone can do nowadays, you can talk on it, and you can answer your text messages and emails and track your fitness. We'll have more of our top tech gift guide next time dishing digital. I'm Paul Dane, there's more a WCBS eighty dot com slash dish in digital.

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