A San Francisco politician wants to remove Mark Zuckerberg's name from the hospital to which he donated $75M


Of the team. The boycott started after it was discovered that the team's principal owner made donations to candidates who some consider racist. According to attorney John Burroughs have Oakland. He and the Reverend Amos Brown and activists Dr Harry Edwards ended the boycott after Johnson retracted his donation Charles Johnson reportedly donated to the campaign of Mississippi Republican Senator elect Cindy, Hyde Smith who has made statements that some consider to be racist. And he also contributed to a political action committee behind an advertisement in Arkansas that falsely claimed Democrats could bring back. Lynchings of black voters did not support. Republicans Johnson has since condemned. Racism and requested his donation back from Hyde Smith, the Oakland A's latest plan for a new ballpark calls for an innovative stadium along the downtown waterfront and a mixed. Use redevelopment of the Coliseum site KCBS. Doug sovereign with details. Slaney college won the first time around, but the a struck out there shut down by neighborhood opposition. So plan b is Howard terminal waterfront parcel, just north of Jack London square race president Dave Cavill wants to build a stadium. Unlike any other a thirty four thousand seat jewel box with a rooftop greenbelt surrounded by modern apartment buildings and linked by gondola, the twelfth street Bart. This is going to be a tremendous location to watch baseball. It's going to be the most intimate environment. It's going to be like going to Fenway or Wrigley. You're going to be on top of the action. You're also gonna have the ability to watch the game from this amazing green loop a park in a park really unprecedented in professional sports. To have that a great way to connect to the waterfront for the first time city and county leaders are one hundred percent on board with mayor Libby shaft cheering the new plan. This is a beautiful amenity for our community. It keeps this incredible team right here where they belong in Oakland in a way that is exciting visionary. And as Dave Cavill says bigger than baseball as refused to put a price tag on the project, but say they will finance it themselves in part by leasing or buying the Coliseum land and redeveloping that. But there are many moving parts still to be worked out in Oakland. Doug, sovereign KCBS coming up on KCBS Shafer with why the increase in tolls is not likely to encourage early risers to cross the bay bridge tunnel eight. Let's check traffic tonight. It is a stormy night

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