‘Sexy images’ of women make men crave red meat: study


Here. Sexy. Images of women actually, make men crave. Red meat for of course. Of course, they do. Well, now, did you know this? Are you surprised by this? This is new study. I saw this in the New York Post. Okay. New study claims that sexy images of female of the female form LeBron hanker in for beef. And pork the article is is meet sexy. It's published in the journal food quality and preference. They looked at sixteen hundred men and women in the US, the UK and Australia to look at advertising to impact on red meat consumption. And how that relates to feelings of well, you feeling a little amorous while experiencing quote, unquote, sexual motivation, the men tended to act out in ways that increase their desirability as a partner. That's what they say. Wow. Well, so all the people the women that get naked for beta. Yeah. Yes. You're making men wanna eat meat more. I want they say they say it's about signaling status as well. So you wanna get the meat to get the ladies. Something like over the evolutionary timeline of humans Ravelo can thing where they walk out of a Keeney, and you just want it rare. Right. That's right. Yes. A few things say I'm a powerful hot blooded man like a big juicy porterhouse steak.

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