UC Berkeley settles lawsuit over treatment of conservative speakers


And I'm Rachel Martin. A lot of countries have a stake in figuring out the truth behind the death of Jamal kashogi. He was a U S resident he died inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. So turkeys involved in Saudi fingerprints are everywhere. Now, Israel may have a link specifically secretive Israeli cybersecurity company another Saudi dissident is suing that company he claimed Saudi officials use the company's software to intercept his text messages with Jamal kashogi which in turn led the Saudis to go after the Washington Post columnist NPR's Daniel estrin is online from Jerusalem to talk about this. Hey, daniel. Hi, tell us more about these allegations. And what do we know about the Saudi dissident making them? His name is Omar Abdulaziz. He tells a very compelling story. He's a social media activist. He's a critic of the Saudi Royal family. He lives in Montreal. And in his lawsuit. He says Saudi officials in Canada met him in may told him crown prince Mohammad bin Salman was unhappy with his activism, they asked him to come to the Saudi consulate for further discussion, and he declined and he says that he and Jamal Shoghi started working together on an initiative to organize a group of Twitter activists against the Saudi regime, and then this dissident got a text message with a link supposedly DHL package delivery, and he clicked on the link and later a Canadian group citizen lab said it believed that he fell victim to a cell phone spyware her from an Israeli based company NSO, he spoke with NPR's, Shannon, van sands. And he said he thinks the Saudis intercepted his WhatsApp text messages with cou- show. And that was the deciding factor that led to his death. Here's what he said for. Sure conversations between us. Played a major role of what happened to Jim. They found out what we were working on. And what are these project on? Why was behind what do we know about this company? That makes a spyware NSO is its name. It's a very secretive company. It doesn't have a website. It was founded by three Israelis there. First names form, the initials NSO and their Isreaeli reports that the company recently sold its spyware technology to Saudi officials the company defends itself. It says its products are only sold to governments and to law enforcement till to fight terrorism and crime, but Israel is actually involved in his company, and that is rarely government officials have to give the okay to let it settle its products abroad. This company is faced a lot of controversy. Mexican human rights activists and others say Mexican government officials hacked into their phones using this company spyware same accusations from a human rights activist in the United Arab Emirates Amnesty International also says the software was used against one of its employees and amnesty is accusing Israel of allow. Allowing the spyware to be sold to regimes that violate human rights, well, considering the company's connections to the Israeli government is the suit likely to go anywhere. It seems like it's more of a symbolic lawsuit. Rachel to draw public attention to this issue. I think it's going to be hard to prove these claims in court and the Israeli defense ministry has constantly defended its vetting of NSO technology sales abroad, and I should add that Israel's not the only place in the world where companies are developing spyware technology. But it is Israel is a big player in the field and presumably Saudi officials aren't weighing in on whether or not they actually bought this technology confirming connection, they're not. And it's very interesting Saudi and Isreaeli ties are kind of under the radar. But this may be an example of some those times NPR's, Daniel estrin. Thank you so much Daniel, we appreciate it. You're welcome. On a chilly day. This month veterans marched a dozen miles up the island of Manhattan to a special spot. It was where in November seventeen seventy six. The first woman to fight for the US army fired her candidate British Redcoats, a Bill in congress now proposes to name the Manhattan VA medical center after Margaret Corbin the effort to honor her is linked with a movement to change. The motto of the department of veterans affairs to also reflected women have always served NPR's quil Lawrence reports at the northern tip of Manhattan. There's a high bluff with a great view, just what General George Washington wanted for the defensive of New York against the British the actual defending fell two soldiers like John Corbin and his wife, Margaret, they were outnumbered after John was killed Margaret sponged loaded and fired the gun all by herself. That's Christian rows who served three tours with the army in Afghanistan and witnesses

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