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That's really unusual on a Tuesday morning for me not to lead with a take on Monday night football, even more unusual to get almost halfway through the program without take on Monday night football. And a number of you're waiting for it this Email rates, and again, my thanks to Mark few and Gonzaga. This Email reads, dear Jim, losing Colt McCoy was unfortunate. But we're glad I'm Mark Sanchez. We've already updated our playbook to incorporate some are be does run but options signed the Redskins, Casey and New Hampshire the Rb. Oh. Get it the butt fumble. Dear Jim last night wasn't so bad. At least my face didn't run up into somebody's ass. Son. Mark sanchez. All right anyway. Anyway in terms of the game. So Philadelphia does beat Washington last night twenty eight thirteen they win their second straight. They get back into the NFC eastern race and not a bad performance by Philly. Carson Wentz was rolling. He had that connection to golden Tate working only a two game winning streak but starting to feel like the eagles are getting back to being the eagles. I mean sort of sort of but looking up now as good as that was for Philly. It was just flat out weird for Washington. Jay gruden's crew was playing with Cole McCoy after Alex Smith snapped his right leg, then this happened to call McCoy. Charging was Jenkins. Oh, boy, just went back to the locker room. Washington is saying it's a lower right lower leg injury. I saw him when he got up and tried to throw tried to backpedal said to the training staff. I can't that's when he.

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