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Crecy directing and at the stall with his wife, Emily blunt who is my favorite actress. She's fantastic current favorite actress the great year to she had an amazing. So as he. Yeah. Well, exactly. You know, the film to be wasn't just a horror horror film. It was such a spectacular family drama. It is and such a that kids in that film was through awesome. His daughter who is actually deaf in real life. I had a lot of behind the scenes stuff about them learning. Sign language to communicate with her, and what love went into that film. It keeps you obviously on your toes pretty much holding your breath, the entire film, and that the performances are amazing. I loved the film. I mean, it was critically acclaimed the huge box office hit. And I'm sure you've heard the the story. Emily blunt, read the script loved it so much she held him to fire the leading actress they had already gotten like an alias liberty. They think they knew quite well. But basically she was like I'm playing this role. And that was his apparently. Well, I I heard the podcast. He it was his secret plan for that to happen wanted his wife to do it. But she was already doing Mary Poppins. So he didn't wanna like put pressure on her to do it. And

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