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Death of twenty two year old police officer Natalie Corona's young officer trying to just doing her job and taken too soon and just a sign of a sign of the times. It's it's really a sad thing to happen into in our town, corona the daughter of a retired. Sheriff sergeant was shot and killed while investigating a traffic crash last night. The suspect later killed himself says AP radio news three people are dead. Some twenty three others hurt fourteen. Critical condition after a double decker bus slammed into a transit helter in Ottawa candidate today. Police chief Charles bordello tells C TV I want to express my sorrow on canola sizes of the audibly service and other first responders to the loved ones of the families of those individuals involved. Several of the injured injured remained remain in serious condition. Bordello says the bus driver was arrested after the crash. He didn't provide details on why she was detained mayor. Jim Watson says two of those killed were on the bus. The other was in the shelter. An eighteen year old Saudi woman who says she was abused by your family and feared for her life. If sent back has left Thailand for Canada, which has granted her asylum. She's flying Toronto, by way of soul. NBC reaches a settlement deal and cuts ties with Megan Kelly who lost their morning show. After black-faced comments last year. I've Tim McGuire. AP radio news.

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