Jank Patterson, President Trump And Jamie Kloss discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Will gather on the National Mall today for the annual March for life. It's the largest annual anti-abortion demonstration in the country. And it's been taking place since the euro v Wade decision in one thousand nine hundred seventy three President Trump is expected to address the crowd in a video message as a partial federal shutdown continues. It's not only government workers who will feel the pinch. And that's making investors concerned. WGN wine financial analyst Dennis Fagin tells checking Kelly with shutdown on day twenty eight and growing more and more people are concerned. Turned with the stability of the economy starts local spreads out. Gained more of a consumer confidence sense that anything else heard many communists, talk about maybe one ten percent of GDP a week. So it's maybe four or five tenths of a percent off right now. But I think the longer lasted more kind of rose confidence President Trump and the Democrats remain deadlocked over a government funding. Bill Jamie clauses admitted kidnapper reportedly applied for a job the day that the thirteen year old escaped his rural Wisconsin home. Fox's Jeff monosso has more officials with zero token liquor company in superior Wisconsin say that old jank Patterson submitted an online job application last Thursday at Patterson portrayed himself, as an honest and hardworking guy who's now charged with kidnapping in two counts of homicide in the killing of Jamie clauses. Parents Patterson's work history. Also includes working two days at a cheese factory near barren police say on his way to work Patterson. I laid eyes. On Jamie Kloss at her bus, stop Jeff monosso, Fox News late Saturday night. Officials say travel will be extremely dangerous to almost impossible in some places in some New York state DOT, Brian Johnny says if you must go out leave plenty of breathing room between you in the car in front of you, see our cloud your them space to operate. Don't try to pass them. Don't try and get around them. They're going to go slower than you like. But that's you know, that's so we can plow the roads clear and make them safer you and your name. The Johnny says there are one hundred eighty plow trucks, ready to go and

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