Skier killed in New Mexico avalanche was on annual trip with his father


CBS news correspondent Carter Evans reports. The young man had traveled a long way to ski in Towse. Be more than a hundred emergency workers in volunteers formed lines frantically searching for skiers buried in the deep snowpack among the missing twenty six year old Matthews on Guinea an expert skier from Massachusetts. His family says he was on an annual father-son ski trip trail was open and he went down. My husband went down a different one. 'cause he's not as good a scare in the avalanche. Happened on Getty had been trapped in the heart PAKs. No for twenty two minutes before he was finally pulled out. He died short time later. We're best friends. He was my world. I love him. As a second rescued skier recovers from his injuries. There are mounting questions about why a ski lift providing easy access to the expert trails was opened that day tau ski valley CEO, David Norton. We did thorough avalanche control work even in the area where this slide to place we felt that the conditions were fine. Authorities are still trying to determine what triggered Thursdays avalanche Carter Evans CBS news. To hikers were rescued on Tuesday night from half dome at

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