Julia Roberts would rather people focus on unshaven legs than her age

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So Julia Roberts did not shave her legs. My gosh. That was so funny for the show when she appeared. It was kind of funny can watch six hours of Ellena. Julia. Yes. Yes. Without a doubt from the start when Julia walks out in her like red holiday. Cheerful outfit and wearing lake. She looked like grew. Race is a very beautiful grace loot. The Russians crew. Despicable me. And then Julia talked about wearing bright colors. Don't normally. But she does enjoy. Plaid you can tell she watches the show. She's totally right. And Ellen has no memory of that before. But very quickly upon Julia walking out somehow, Ellen was rubbing Julius Baer legs to see if she had shaved they were talking about the monologue about how how in every article that refers to your age and Julia said I would rather say Julia Roberts who hasn't shaved her legs in two weeks, and then Ellen filter leg and said, it's not two weeks. Definitely some stubble. It was so funny. It was just an amazing interview. Just like they have a terrific chemistry. Yeah. They really are fun. So we're gonna play clip of Julia Roberts for you now. And then you should watch the entire interview. Because I know it is still on your DVR. Listen, do you get the fifty one? I do do you get that really magazines all the time. You know, what I don't like is when they like frontload your age for you like I told a story in a magazine not that long ago. And I said, you know, and for my my birthday, I said something about being fifty and they changed it to fifty one because three weeks after the magazine came out. I was going to be fifty one right? And I felt well hold on a minute. Yeah. Not fair that is not truth in advertising. It's not wait, wait until I tell you know, your sixty hell the hell. I mean, I would rather they say, you know. Julia Roberts to hasn't shaved her legs in a week. At least that gives you some sort of interesting information if not true, did you shave today? Not today. Maybe yesterday. Five o'clock show. Very sexy. Have them. We can't have five shadows. Who says we can't? Well, you do. Yeah. Yeah. But it's a door will because you're adorable and fifty why because you're fifty one seriously. Why don't you text me back though? Okay. This is not I will not bear the burden of the responsibility of the lack of texting the last person. Who texted was me? I thank you for those beautiful flowers. You've sent a took a picture of them. I sent them to you nothing in this was years ago. Now, it's interesting we've been doing this a long time. But like when Julia Roberts is in the building it's a different feeling than than sometimes when their other people in the building like, you just there's there's a little bit about the to the stage win someone like Julia Roberts is in your big old movie stars and she time movie star. Yeah. And I love her show by the way homecoming and she's doing TV now. Yeah. Homecoming ten episodes on Amazon, I think so good. I loved it doesn't like bog yourself down taking ourselves. So seriously, not at all days losing every single game. I. Yeah. Like loved it. The other thing I love we did. Yeah. We helped her get more Instagram followers. She joined Instagram over the summer. Right. She has three million followers. Ellen has sixty million. A fact that Ellen needed to remind Julia of no less than so you have three million sixty million. So she helped her up her Instagram game. Right. So our friend Matt right produces segment and with the help of Kevin Leman came up with things to do to. Photograph in severe her Instagram Instagram picks with Julia, and it did not disappoint we posted album on Instagram on our at the Ellen show.

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