France, Italy ratchet up rhetoric amid migration dispute


Writes at the start consider this. Function and total lack of discipline inside governments this week. One senior very pro Brexit minister said he thought delaying leaving would be far worse than no deal a calamitous breach of trust with the voters. He called it. While another minister, effectively said, he thought no deal was utterly bonkers. His words weren't that difference? And that he didn't mind if MRs may knew that was his view, and she could second if she wanted to for expressing it. She didn't in case you were wondering this is not the way government is supposed to work robot season. You're listening to the world this week the program that tells you what happened in the past seven days, and why it counts coming up fighting for a name. How Macedonia is making Greek see read if you want to listen to a scandal to previous editions just type BBC the world this week into your search engine. It might have been another routine encounter as they're sometimes called police shooting and. Killing apparent suspects later described as criminals there was one week ago in Pakistan where police killed three adults and a twelve year old girl in a car. But this one was different this time. It ended with police officers themselves under arrest facing charges of murder. Why? Well, passersby had filled the instant and share images showing the what police had said couldn't possibly be true and even more powerfully the testimony from hospital of a nine year old survivor. Omar Khalil kindle commodity in Lombard, Toby more. He was interviewed shortly after the incident had taken place by local Pakistan journalists, and he said, no one in the Colorado opened fire that they were on their way to a family wedding. And then police had stopped them. And that's when this firing had taken place because the police had just according to this child opened fire on them with no real reason. So what was the initial response from the authorities to the law? Little boys story, and they actually the regional government seem to be suggesting that the inhabitants of this call were indeed suspected terrorists. But quickly as pressure begun to mount on them, and this really took off online, particularly on Twitter and Facebook, they came under pressure to look into that a bit more. And after that quite quickly, the prime minister Imran Khan took to Twitter himself to say that if there had been any wrongdoing, then that would be thoroughly investigated, and whilst counterterrorism police inbox on had done a great job in the past of keeping people safe that no one was above the law, and everyone would be held accountable. Now that phrase you used no one is about the law is very important Disney in the context of of how the counter terrorism police are perceived to have behaved in some cases in Pakistan. Absolutely. And it's not just counterterrorism police. But all police forces really in Buxton often have the reputation of considering themselves above the law in particular.

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