All the rumors and leaks surrounding the 2019 iPad and iPad mini 5



About a new ipad mini coming out. And apple has pro in two sizes. They have the eleven inch and the twelve point nine inch. And they have a nine point seven inch ipad non-pro and the rumor is the ipad mini is also going to be a non-pro know, you'll have a nine point seven in Japan. Many non-pro nine point seven point nine and nine point seven non pros eleven and twelve point nine pros. And part of the reason that I had pro I think can get more expensive and more day. She's is that you have these other ipads that are getting slush expensive. So yes, it sucks. The ipad. Pro is. Seven hundred bucks now. But hey, look at how cheap the regular ipad is getting and I would love apple to do that with phones. So instead of people saying the the ten and the tennis and the tennis max so expensive go even lower than the tower. Have like have the have a ten are at the iphone e size and ten are that slightly bigger and have to separate phone lines one that you can let get expensive because the other one is is more budget friendly every time, right? Yeah. Yeah. Just kind of mixing it up. So that people have difference like financial categories have the option of going all in with the most expensive or choosing something that's more budget friendly. But still a great phone. I think the the reason I ended up switching over to ten last year. And now tennis this year. Instead of keeping the is that it's it's three years old. There's there's no denying the camera. If I yeah. If I didn't work in industry that I work in I would still be using an essay because that that would have that satisfies all of my needs. But because I have to kind of be on top of the most the most current kind of technological things. I switched over to ten because it was the most comfortable phone that apple had made since SE. So this, you know, six plus seven plus eight plus were not they were uncomfortable for me. I didn't like them and the the ten when I got it. I even thought, you know, try for a few months, but I'll probably switch back to ESI and fit in my hand better. It's still a little too big. But it certainly much closer to to the than any of the other ones in that that point I just needed to switch so Georgia, Christina Warren. He'll go, you know, what they're maxing. It really is a tiny. I used to hands. Don't you? Judge me. I don't use two hands. I use one hand. I just that's the way I do it. So for me, I totally respect that. Team nature and and community that sort of based around because I see people quite a bit actually talk about their love of those smaller screen devices.

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