Bat-Wielding Good Samaritan Stops Kidnapping Of 11-Year-Old Girl In Queens, Sources Say


Would be kidnapping was stopped by a father of two in queens. This morning MAC Rosenberg spoke with the good Samaritan. Alex Alice's daughter will tell you. He's pretty protective as a parent. I used to go to the score. And I live right across the street. And he he wouldn't even let me walk across cheat alone. That's how protective he is of me. Lia's Salazar's in tears talking about what her father did for someone who is not his own flesh and blood this morning. An eleven year old girl was crying for help just before eight AM Salafist getting ready for work and heard the screams. I looked out. I saw the gentleman had the the girl he had a lily picked up sideways, and forcing her into the car say ran downstairs with a baseball bat and found out the girl had no idea who the would be of doctor was Alex was able to fend off the man who also had a baseball that forced the girl into his car, but faced with a terrifying situation. Alex says she didn't give up that's the best delta. So. She fought she kicked she screams. She did everything and she used her phone. She say though life. She did everything the right way. Always just did a helper. She called nine one one and the cops came and took the man forty year old railing Astrada into custody, hop stalled Alex he's a

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