Eagles' Wentz has stress fracture in back; no surgery needed


Recovery. Time estimated three months outta college football and plenty of ball action today, Las Vegas bowl number twenty one Fresno state basing, Arizona state, Fresno state, head coach Jeff Tedford sizes up the opposition understand going into this game. We're playing a great football team. Very well coach in all areas of the game, very explosive. It's gonna be a battle. We understand that we have a lot of respect for the Pac twelve conference and Arizona state. And you know, they played very very hard kick off at three thirty eastern time. I'm Peter Schwartz. Football season. Which is why you need Sunday morning football tomorrow at ninety s- turn with me DA on CBS sports radio. Hi, this is Dan Patrick catch me. Weekday mornings seven to ten on the home of the best sports talk in Colorado. Xtra sports thirteen hundred. He's arena he calls. It. The bullpen. Come late in ten. Hang brew. Another hour. We add the booze show us. Adam the bull back our number three. Adam the bull of you here on CBS sports radio. And we're coming to you live from the Quicken Loans studios. National mortgage lender. Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. We'll continue our NFL conversation. Sam Monson pro football focus lead analyst Sam how you doing? What's going on buddy? I'm doing great excellent. You know, it's funny this week. I heard I don't know if you heard this. But. Greg Williams who to me. Why don't really work in Cleveland locally in the week? And I have no desire for Greg Williams to remain the long-term coach Gregg Williams. I think he's about as old school is old school gets and he referred to some advanced analytics this week. And I almost was brought to tears Sam because well, I think I think that all sports need to have a good balance between old school scouting and new school analytics you'll so many old school football guys are so hesitant look where we are in baseball. Now. Right. The sport is completely run. Everybody has an analytics department in basketball and football is dragging their feet a little bit more in some organizations, but the here an old school coach like Greg Williams referred to some advanced analytics. That was that was wild for me to hear it must have. I don't know if you heard it. But it probably would've made you happy. If you did. Yeah. I think you're right football is behind baseball. And how that kind of stuff is gone, but everybody understands that it can help you how you present it to all of these people know, so head coaches are often the last guy to get on board. But it's because you need to present it to them in in the right away. Now, there's a ton of ways that say the PS database can help is those guys. But if you come to them initially where you know, something they don't wanna hear they're not going to buy. But if you immediately show them something, you know, a fancy pretty grasp the chosen exactly what they've been saying for years, suddenly they're all on board. So I think a lot of teams the league you're just starting to sort of see this time where the analytics guys or people that have been using the stuff within the Bill. Building for years are finally starting to figure out how to present it to coaches added presented to general manager is and you know, the guys bad again in front of the media. And that's when you're starting to see this filter out. I think it's been used a lot within the building for years already. But now we're starting to see those guys use it on a daily basis and get the headline stuff sent to them in a way that they're they're much more comfortable with gesturing at an and actually taking it on board. We're talking with Sam Monson pro football focus lead analysts Sam. Baker Mayfield has had a tremendous season. As a rookie as put up some big old school numbers if you will. But when when you went from a pro football, focus perspective when you guys run the numbers on what he's done. How would how does he great out compared to some other rookie quarterback's of the past? Yeah. I think you do need to go to quarterbacks with a pass because he hadn't shoulders above any other rookie season right now. He's a top ten grade quarterback in the NFL. He's tense overall. Just one physician behind Russell Wilson. So you're already talking about it really really well graded player right off the five. And obviously pro football focus was very high invade your Mayfield coming out were the guy is the winter by for him saying that he was the best prospect in this draft in it really wasn't close to the next guy. I think so far. That's that is being born out. We have seen better performances in the past rookies. I think that twenty twelve season was a pretty incredible year for rookie performances. Obviously it didn't last because RG three in particular had a phenomenal season that year, and then tours and really hasn't been the same player since. But you know, Baker Mayfield is looking as good as we've seen any rookie quarterback. Look probably dating by twenty twelve season. We're seeing some really impressive play from him. And I think his play generally has been better than even the statistics suggest because you had one of the highest rates in the NFL right five and drop rates. And unlike most of the times when a receiver drops the ball, it's an incomplete passes. It's not doing that much damage to your passer rating, or whatever but Baker mayfield's have multiple assets that have been hit his receivers and my hands and ended up as interceptions. So those are taking a sledgehammer to operating over the course of the season. It's ninety three. Point four right now. And this is a season where passing is exploded operating ninety three point four is nice great at the moment. But it's his performance has been way better than that. We're talking with Sam Monson lead analyst pro football, focus Sam, let's talk about another rookie and that saquon Barkley who probably be battling Baker Mayfield for rookie of the year. From an offensive standpoint. There's been other good rookie running back but saquon Barkley make over two thousand total yards this season. How does he compare to Todd Gurley Leonard four nets and some of the other big rookie seasons from running backs? Yeah. I mean saquon Barkley just moved into first edition CFS running back rankings. He's the the number one guy right now through the through part of the season. He's been incredible. He's been everything that everybody who was championing him saying he would be coming out. I think he's been better than we thought. He might be there. The idea that he was a perfect running back prospect that don't think really holds up work holes in his game in particular. This tendency to to be a bit. Reggie Bush in terms of wanting to balance everything outside to look for that clay, but he's gotten a lot better in his first year at not doing that at taking ugly yards when they're there. And that's all there to be had. And it's still maximizing goes explosive plays getting huge games. Those are there. So he has been fantastic. I think again he's been as good as any rookie running back the receipt for a number of years. Really? He's I guess he's played as well. As Alvin Kamara did last year as a rookie on he's done more fulltime base. So he already has you know, two hundred more snaps than Kamara managed all last season playing that same kind of rate is Amari Cooper. Has memorial Cooper's play been much better. Or is just a the players around him made him much better. I think it's a bit of both, you know, playing wide receiver it so difficult to play. Well, if the ball isn't coming in your direction off the ball is coming in your direction in attachable manner. Having you can do about it. There's only so much fancy route running against air. You can do if the ball isn't coming your way. So I think we're seeing Amari Cooper was always a quality route runaround player that would get consistently open. And now we're seeing what happens when you target that guy. He's still a very good player and I play put up big numbers. And obviously, that's that's meaning that his greatest better because he's being given the ball and that talent is being maximized. So you know, I think that that was always there that that talent that play was always inherited his game. Even in Oakland. The raiders just weren't making use of it. We're talking with Sam Monson pro football focus lead analyst. Sam. I know you guys today had an article about projecting Cuyler Murray's pro potential. I'm curious because obviously he's a top ten pick and major league baseball. He's giving compared to Ricky Henderson. He signed a four and a half million dollar bonus. There would have to give it back obviously at a even a better year than Baker Mayfield did this past year in college, which is hard to believe. But obviously, you know, people make a thing about the thing about Baker mayfield's hike, which I thought was over rated. But obviously calamari isn't even close those big as as Baker Mayfield. A what is his potential d do you think he could be a good NFL quarterback? I think he could be, you know, you're right people that the highest the big question Mark because people did make an issue out of Baker Mayfield. Tighter on Baker Mayfield is short for an NFL quarterback. But not, you know, it's not unprecedented. We've seen quarterbacks Baker Mayfield type successful in the past. They're not obviously, not as many as there are as you know, six with three quarterbacks, but those guys have existed and they've been good in the past. I don't I don't know that we've ever seen quarterback that is Kyla Murray's Hite house significant success at the end up, right? You know, he is going to be when we get the official number on him. If it ever gets that far he's going to be significantly shorter than even a guy like Russell Wilson. And you would be in legitimately uncharted territory. When it comes to that. Now, if you're going to do that, you have to be there has to be something else to say, well, okay. That's not going to be a problem because of this and his grading has been incredible. His is great this season at Oklahoma has been basically everything is as as good. As Baker mayfield's grade had been on that was the best we've ever seen from a quarterback, right? The best seasons we've ever seen at college with one of his own. So he has a level of the best play. We've ever seen coming out of college from a college quarterback. And we've been doing this going back to two thousand fourteen but we've seen some pretty good quarterbacks over that's fine. You know, we went back, and we also graded James Winstons freshman seasons. We have got Carson Wentz you got Jared Goff. We've got right. And they got all these guys and Carl Amari stacks up to those guys. Sorry.

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