Ravens name Lamar Jackson starting QB, with healthy Joe Flacco the backup

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Ravens announcing you'll stick with Lamar Jackson, even though Joe flacco is back. Oh flacco is the back up. Now, Israel UK with teams hurting to Lamar fulltime. I absolutely am. And I've said this before when you draft a quarterback in the first round your goal is to find a way to get him to be your quarterback of the future. They don't just do this on a whim and say, hey, look when our Jackson's their oh, we have a quarterback. And Joe flacco at let's just draft him. Anyway, we'll figure it out. They have all these ideas in mind. And so when you bring in Lamar Jackson, and he does what he's been doing. And having your team win in an entirely new unique system and somewhat argue he can remind you of Michael Vick a year or two if he developed a little bit more. I think this is an easy decision here. When you've been sort of an on Joe flacco for the last show up Plachy how ravens here. Yeah. Some people will say flacco should lose his job to injury. He lost his job with a foreign five records of starter. Lamar Jackson three and one is the starter pack are actually star losing his job the minute the draft. Lamar jackson. He changes his team over over one hundred yards more rushing per game. The more yardage per game with him in there. There are different team there a different look harder to defend. It's a great move. I'm glad they made it it's tough move. Because Harbaugh flack was very. Are there? But it's really smart.

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