Ellen's first stand-up special in 15 years is coming to Netflix

Ellen on the Go


December eighteen is Ellen has. Standup comedy special. It's her return to stand up after fifteen sixteen years of doing this show. And I'm just going to tell you that I had the pleasures as did Mary. Ann. Ed Kevin didn't care enough to make the trip, but Mary Ed, and I were there for the taping. I know Ellen. I love Ellen. I've now worked with her for sixteen years. Absolutely. Without a doubt belly laughing. Having been to a couple of the stand up shows before while she was working out her material. I got there. I was like, okay. And the whole building was shaking with laughter. And it was it was a rickety building, we couldn't get. To laugh and then to see everybody around me laughing. It was just it was like it was like a religious experience. People people had a really good times fun. It's a whole different people ask what the differences between the show and stand up and there's a big difference. It's just me by myself on stage with an audience, and it's kind of just a more intimate. Not that the show isn't intimate. But doing stand up is is just a me by myself without a guest without anything just talking for an hour. And and in talking about other things that I don't normally talk about on the show. And also, it's it's an hour of me talking. It's not just coming up for monologue. And then going into interviews people gonna watch it over and over again, it's everything it's everything you expect it to be times. Ten

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