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That are responding to death seems in certain areas of the county. And if it's determined that the death was as a result of an overdose. We're doing everything we can to bring these folks to Justice. He says that means using intelligence. Analysts special agents and other law enforcement resources to catch those who are selling opioids in LA county and get them and their drugs off the street Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio nine fiftieth KNX. Let's check your money. Here's frank. All right. Well, some breaking news here in the media business as well. As in the legal profession court TV is making a comeback. According to the e w scripts company, they've announced that they've acquired the court TV name and program library from Turner Broadcasting will relaunch the outlet in may of twenty nineteen according to the LA times. Unlike the original channel, they say the new court TV's provide live courtroom coverage reporting on high profile trials Qualcomm says at one of the order Chinese court banning some apple phones in China as part of a long running dispute over pens apple stock moving lower by about three dollars at one sixty five. The overall sock market continues to get hammered on the ongoing U S China trade issues as well as the Brexit vote now being delayed in Britain right now. The Dow down one seventy five we were down four fifty earlier NASDAQ now positive by twenty and the S and P five hundred ten we check in money at twenty and fifty on Frank Motech from the ancient has capital money desk can extend seventy NewsRadio who should be time. Maggie. Magazine's person of the year. We'll talk more about that coming up in less than two minutes. It's nine fifty

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