Robert Whittaker Withdraws from UFC 234 vs. Kelvin Gastelum Due to Hernia Injury


The case you missed it. Breaking news UFC two thirty four has taken a massive hit and there's no sunshine in here. No, sunshine, where any MMA fans are especially the ones in Australia because everyone was looking forward to Robert Whittaker the first Australian UFC champion getting an opportunity to finally defend that title middleweight title on his home turf in Melbourne later this evening, Rod Laver Arena sold out in ten minutes against Kelvin gasoline finally getting to see him back. Well, we just found out twenty minutes ago. The fight is off management has just confirmed with me as well. The fight is off. They're going to issue. A statement in a matter of moments Whitaker out due to a hernia fight cancelled Israel Sonny Anderson Silva's now the new main event so how does this affect Kelvin gasoline? How did he find out where does he go from? Here. Let's talk to his manager. Elliot does these who's joining us on the phone right now? Ali how are you? Oh, no. I'm good. It can be better. But you know, it's commander of the game, you know, seniors, and we have to get adjusted. When did you guys find out? I just find out dot com. Probably thirty minutes ago. Have a hernia. The hospital and now they have to perform. You know, he's a great champion. I always put it on the line. Unfortunately. He's not fighting. Twelve weeks heart camp make sacrifices, but you know, it wasn't awake cuts related issues. And he's just. As workers. Warrior. It will not more injury or even hard injury. Doc, even more from fighting. A great guy. We wish him nothing. But the best. Wish must be recovered his management just told me that he's heavily sedated as we speak and he's going into surgery, right? This moment. So like, I said a horrible tournaments for Robert Whitaker. What does this mean for Kelvin? What does the UFC told you? I know it's very fresh. But. You know is he going to get another title shot? What are they going to do with the belt? You have any idea. Day right now, I get to speak with Dana white. He said I personally. Calvin Calvin is the number one contender. He's gonna see what happened. Out. We're going to go ahead and see maybe the winner between Anderson Israel. Covered. You know? Maybe you can do it thirteen. You know, what's what's I'm kind of looking forward to. But let's see what happened. Did they try to keep Kelvin on the card was that ever discussed? No does not disgusting. I spoke to. Dana. And that does not discussed that. Oh, you know. Listen, I think you have a good minivan. Anderson Silva is great. I'm not sure this is going to be a five round or real. Oh. You know, it is what it is. I feel horrible rubber Whitaker. Yeah. I feel bad for coffee too. Under the right. How is he handling? It has been handling the news Kuban workers. Okay. Calvin was ready. We was ready. The Bishop of his life and. We believe he was going to be that, you know, that middleweight champ. But robert. No injuries taken away from the fight. And like, I said, you know. Nothing but respect and we wish him nothing, but speeder recovery, and I hope he's okay. We're talking to. You're not gonna hear me, you know, me get me on the program talking trash in promoting and get on people. But certain situation we have to be human. Absolutely. I think everybody out there. Everyone to give respect keep Robertson. They prayer. I wish nothing but the best talking to manager Elliot. Bill Aziz here on area who wanna show on ESPN radio's presented by Uber. Breaking news out of the world to the USC USC to thirty four tonight in Melbourne Australia on pay per view, Robert Wood. It covers coming gasping for the middleweight title cancelled that flight has been canceled because Robert Whitaker is going under the knife. In a matter of moments in Australia for a hernia certainly wish him the best. I'm curious Ali is Kelvin going to get paid. How's this gonna work because you just went through a training camp? What's the deal? I'm certain UFC has told you what they're gonna do. Can you? Tell us. Yeah. Always come through for me, you know. And he said he was going to kick out. You know, I understand you know, he went to a camp. And and you put a lot of money into it investment. A lot of money into it. And at the end of the day. This is. You know, I'm not worried about him. I know he will be paid. Thanks for doing this Ali very sorry about the news our best to to Kelvin as well. Speak for everyone. Everyone is bummed out about this. We're looking forward to it. I appreciate you coming on for a few minutes. He will take care. He was. And I have no doubt in my mind. Dana white and you'll see them because they're taking care of my guys sounds good. Thank you Ellie. Let's go back to the phone lines. Now talk to more fans. Breaking news again Robert Whitaker out of tonight's made event. Ernie a- surgery scheduled for Madame moments from now in Melbourne devastating news, not only for the UFC. But for Robert Whitaker who continues to get all these freaking bad breaks time. And again, he had shingles. Prior to the last time that they were in Melbourne with him headlining that card was supposed to be against Luke rock hold now. Just hours before the event he has to pull out and is going under the knife Joseph Detroit. How are you? Good. How about you area? I'm doing okay. Good. I just got a few questions for you that I think they should let the winner of tonight. And Calvin fight for the official title Whitaker should be stripped. It's just my opinion. Well, I wanna see how long he's out for this is definitely a bad break. But I typically like to subscribe to the rule that if you don't defend your title or you're not scheduled to fight within a year. Then you should be stripped in this case he last fought in June. So let's see how far he's out. Let's see how long he's out for. I should say let's see how long of a recovery this is needed. And then let's talk about stripping in. But I think right now, it's a little premature to talk about stripping. Because he pulled out last year knee injury. I think it's better for him. You don't have to take some time off. But my second question is not question opinion. True. They're gonna make McGregor verse Copley for the I think it should be Tony Emporia for the interim. Yeah, that's Donald Surani just talking right now from what I'm hearing the interim belt isn't being discussed. I don't think a belt is needed for that kind of fight. I don't think a belt elevates that kind of fight certainly not an interim title. So at this juncture, I think that's just cowboy talking and look he's going to get the fight. It seems like that's the front runner. I don't think you need to push for an interim thing anyone wants it, quite frankly, I think the interim belt would would almost like soil that that fight. I don't think anyone wants to see an interim belt online. I don't think either guys should be fighting for an interim belt when you have guys like Tony dust emporium ally. Doing what they've done as of late. Let's go back to the phone lines and say Hello to Corey in California, Corey how are you? Hey, I'm good. How you doing? I'm doing. Okay. Some some disappointing news, but we still have a car tonight. But yeah, it's it's a bummer. These things happen from time to time in in mixed martial arts and. I mean, this is a big one especially because it's the Australian who's now out of the card. Yeah. Honestly, like you said before man, I don't know how these injuries happened the day of the fight. How much are you actually doing? Such a serious injury. But I don't know it's fight game. And it happens. But. So my original copies I called about it. Now trying to shake up. I was gonna say do you think that Anderson is? His own legacy a little bit by taking these bigger fights with the much younger guys are like the fights with whatever, obviously, they're bigger fights. And he's a big name. And do you think that you have tarnished by throwing them into a fight with Israel, just because if Anderson, but then it turns around and now Anderson is card having a big name for Israel to fight. So do you think that enersen should lay off he's bigger fights? Or do you think he's finer you think his legacy Jenner hurt in the end after all this look if we're talking about tarnishing legacies? The only thing that's maybe tarnished his legacy. So to speak is the fact that he was caught with PD's twice other than that. I mean, I don't think opponents will tarnish anyone's like seeing fact to meet on the elevates your legacy because you're finding the toughest guys even as you're in your swansong so to speak. I like the fact that he's taken this fight. Everyone thought it was a mistake. It's an opponent that he thinks he could beat he's fourteen years older. He feels like maybe he's not as experiences him. Maybe he hasn't fought the kind of competition that he's. So I don't think this is. I mean, imagine he pulls it off great story George Foreman. It's like Randy tour all over again. So I honestly don't think that he's tarnishing his legacy on this one. Let's go to one quick call before we take another break Hamilton, Ohio. What's up man areas? A pleasure speaking with you. I want to go back to the UC days, or so I started hearing your voice. Boy that was handled by the UFC. I am so proud that you've come to where you had with the hard work. You've done to put yourself in today's position. Thank you know, as far as what's happening transplanted melborn sad. And that's the core. So the nature of the game. My question to you is at forty three year old is now put himself in position we he's probably going to be having to save this card. I understand that. There's not a lot of four weeks on your old man at his weight. They can do anything except maybe defend themselves. Does he really have a chance to see wing? And do you see this only in the heavyweight World War forty yours can compete one or two times? This gentleman is not tarnishing his world. It just a building him being allowed to do this because of his name and his past of fighting really realistically can this man really compete at this level with this young kid. I mean that remains to be seen. I don't think it's a bad matchup firm. In fact, I'd say he's too big of an underdog. I'm curious to see if he can turn back the clock tonight. But yeah, it's a great call to great point. The best news is this flight hasn't been canceled. So we're about to find out in a matter of moments in a matter of hours, whether or not Anderson Silva can hang with Israel to Sonya after the break. We're going to be joined by my colleague, my partner shell son. And he's in Melbourne. I want to get his take on things. He knows coming gasoline almost better than anyone. He was the one who drafted him on the ultimate fighter way. Back when devastating news Robert Whittaker's out of tonight's UFC two thirty four main event. And I just got details about how it all went down. I'll tell you about all that and more right after the break. You're listening to Hawaii's may show right here on ESPN radio and ESPN app this

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