Louis C.K. Hits a New Low as He Mocks Parkland Shooting Survivors


Into word, that's PG any utility and could be charged with murder if it's proved responsible for triggering the recent deadly wildfires that came in a legal brief from the state attorney general heavier Bezerra Mindy spats, the utility reform network says the companies already on probation after being. Convicted over the deadly gas explosion in San Bruno, Jamie, certainly doesn't seem to have gotten the message last time and their board of directors did very little to clean, the company up Jerry hills. A state lawmaker from the bay area says he thinks fines and court shorted reforms don't go far enough until someone goes to prison for these actions. We're not going to see the change in culture. We're not going to see a change in behavior unless someone actually spent some time behind bars says it continues to work hard to ensure safety of the public and its workforce. Thirties. Still wanna know how a line got loose from a luck enclosure at a wildlife conservatory in North Carolina an employee died workers typically interact with the big cats daily, feedings and maintaining their habitats were all still processing this is not a situation we've ever had before any sort of incident. Like, this is devastating to everyone. And we need to understand it. The conservative center said it is cooperating with the investigation. But that it is never had anything like this happen here. Meanwhile, Alex blacks family is asking for donations in her honor to another animal refuge, wolf park in battleground, Indiana, trying to get the lion under control by tranquilizing it that didn't work. So they killed it. S- Colorado man, suspected of killing the mother of his one-year-old daughter due in court today. Patrick phrases solicited someone's help in carrying out Kelsey barris murder and even hinted at the potential for more arrests. That's an absolute possibility. But I'm not going to. Guests on that at this point in a court filing. Prosecutors say they can't give Frasier a copy of his own arrest warrant because it may jeopardize substantial ongoing investigative efforts and the physical safety witnesses the woman vanished Thanksgiving Day have not said how she died or whether they have found her body. Russia says it's arrested Amar an American who it claims was a spy Russia's domestic security agency says the American was detained in Moscow on Friday. What it calls an espionage operation? No further. Details were given. But the state task news agency identified him as one Paul Whalen. There's been no immediate comment from the US embassy in Moscow. The arrest comes as US Russian ties of suck to post Cold War lows over Ukraine Syria and allegations of Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen US election. Vicki Barker, CBS news. Coming up on the five in Buena park, bad crash. Northbound most of its thought all of its stopped right now at Downey road. Somebody died in a crash will more in traffic at five forty five. It's five forty three critics and audiences are cheering for. It's an incredible ninety three percent fresh on rotten tomatoes.

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