Ringing In The Ears


Welcome to another moment of science take it away. Don, Don, Don. Oh, sorry head. My your Budzyn listening to a little zepplin must've been pretty loud. And of course, listen to zip. But you really shouldn't what who you? So well my mayors ringing. That's exactly my point. Did you know done that? At least one study has found that many teenagers have chronic tinnitus. Also known as ringing in the ears mind goes away after a few minutes. You're fortunate. Researchers that Antwerp university in Belgium looked at survey data from nearly four thousand high schoolers and found that one in five reported constant ringing in their ears. The data doesn't explain exactly why. But it probably has to do with Kim. Listening to MP three players high volume. All the time doesn't sound good. It's not tinnitus isn't just annoying chronic ringing in the heirs can disturb sleep, hamper concentration and make it difficult to relax the ensuing. Stress can make it hard to function in school and at work wall. His their way to cure tinnitus, not when it's become chronic. But you can take steps to prevent it. So take my advice turned down zeppelin, even when I'm listening to stairway to heaven. Yup. This moment of science comes from Indiana University. There are hundreds more moments of science on our website at a moment of science dot org. Where you can also view videos and sign up for podcasts that web address again is a moment of science dot org. I'm Yahya Cassandra Dr dog glass.

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