The Syrian Military Has Moved in on Manbij Amid Turkey's Threat to Attack Kurds



Backed by US troops of long, man, beach and NPR's. Peter Kenyon reports now that the US is pulling out the Assad regime and Turkey are vowing to push the Kurds out reports from Syria claimed forces loyal to Syrian president Assad had entered the town of men Bj, but the US military rejected that as incorrect information on visas controlled by Syrian Kurdish. Why PG fighters who worked with US forces to retake bunch of the territory held by his lungs state, but President Trump's declaration of victory in order to withdraw American troops says reportedly prompted the white PG to invite Syrian regime forces in hopes of fending off an attack from neighboring Turkey. Oh crissy's. The white PG is terrorists in his threatening to clear them out by force if they don't leave. Peter Kenyon, NPR news. John bull to employees at a Hilton owned hotel in Oregon were fire today. Erica, crews Guevarra of Oregon public

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