Russia set to resume space station crew flights


Keep their promises without agreement on the rulebook the Paris deal could become toothless when it comes into force in twenty twenty. Following his party's historic gains in Sunday's regional elections. The leader of Spain's far-right Volks party said the political tide was turning across the nation. Volkswagen twelve seats in the regional parliament the first regional success for a far right party since the Franco military dictatorship the party good now, hold the balance of power in any right wing coalition. Researchers in Britain's new stem cell technique could offer an effective and non invasive treatment for people suffering from osteoarthritis the first scientific trial to be carried out on human tissue suggest patient's own cells could be used to repair damaged joins reducing the need for surgery. BBC news. Hello, this is the history. Our with max Pearson this week, we're on the harsh open seas of the south Atlantic with the whale hunters of the nineteen fifties. We meet the real life inspiration for the fictional, Indiana. Jones, and we witness the draining of the great marshlands of southern Iraq under Saddam Hussein's orders. But we begin this week by acknowledging the passing of another world aids day, which falls on December the first each year. The latest figures suggest that there are more than thirty five million people worldwide living with the HIV virus these days, people can survive and live relatively normal lives for decades if they have access to the proper drugs. But in the early years of the disease contracting the virus and developing aids was seen as virtual death sentences. And it's to those early days that we go first as we take you back more than thirty years to the story of Terence Higgins whose death in one thousand nine hundred two was the first confirmed case of HIV aids in Britain. It led to the creation of this country's leading aids charity. The Terrence Higgins trust Simon watts has been speaking to the former partner Terence Higgins, Dr Rupert Whitaker. In the early nineteen eighties. The gay community in Britain began to respond to the first cases of a new and terrifying disease, the voluntary workers here have had as many as four hundred calls a week from homosexuals desperate for advice and help there's been worry about age in the British gay community ever since it was first detected in America homosexuals for years. It goes in a couple of months is not worry became new roses following the death that year ago, British Shona sexual call Terry Higgins, Terry was a very laid back sort of guy. He was very warm and had a good rice and Huma. This is Dr report Whitaker, the former partner of Terence Higgins or has he called him, Terry? Turn on my bangs night club, and he was on the dance floor. And I saw this guy really bizarre way dancing to be honest. But he was also very handsome. I think for him to be honest and said, which is really not unusual for me. Well, I used to be very shy. But Terry wasn't standoffish and had no attitude. He was immediately friendly -tarian Rupert began dating at the time. Terry Higgins was thirty five or Rupert was eighteen and about to start a university. I have never had a boyfriend and not being particularly comfortable on the gay scene tooling, the gay community and Terry helped that great introduced me to a lot of his friends, and I always used to cook for me. Because I was no good at cooking myself. It was used to make sure that I ate Terry author had a sleeveless pink sweater, which was kind of hideous pink. You could see him probably from a couple of miles away because the pink so shocking. But it was one of those things you love to hate. It was also typical him. He didn't care, but in one thousand nine hundred to Terrence Higgins became ill. He started to get less energetic. He wouldn't eat as much although he still cooked for me that I was away at one point. And I came back and found out that Terry had collapsed in a nightclub. I'm being taken into Ospel, and he

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