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Donnie Wahlberg picks games for the week and reveals the best time in his life


I apologize to you publicly. Donnie, Wahlberg are you ready to pick some game, sir? Man. I'm ready to pick. What you guys pick the worst? Call me yesterday. I had Dallas last night. Wanna know, you know, gradulate to you. Congratulations. You get it. Picks on Monday. So ravens at falcons, falcons, minus one and a half who you got. Oh my gosh. Game. I gotta go with the Felker visit trick who'll never picked the falcons. The Texans 'cause they always let down, but I'm picking the. By your room. Right. Right. Listen, you're one annot. So you're pretty grounded Texans. Texans, minus five and a half. Who you got? Breaking my rule again. Your doesn't seem to be much of a role. It's started. Now, you fractured a twice hard Malta at Packers. Packers minus fourteen who does Donnie Wahlberg have. Oh my God. The Packers are given fourteen points to anyone. The cardinals. They. You guys are awful. It's like he's just seek out these games or meant these celebrity nonprofit, NAS dicator. That's right. That's exactly how this morning. What are the worst games? We can say to bother Donnie Wilbur. Through. I'm gonna go with. Got a win the big one. All right. But I like Donny please don't curse again. Hold on a second. Because if you again, we're gonna get a lot of relax, very relaxed ES word. Yes. You did. So chargers Steelers charter would have been funny if you'd said again there. No don't do. We don't do that. Don't do that rebelling against by boy band, Pat, by Saint curse words, you always a bad. Boy. Well, can we before I go to these next two questions? When was the most fun time in your life? Like, it might be now, but other than now when have you said, you were having the most fun. It definitely is Dow, but I won't say that because you don't want me to probably the first go round with the new kid like in in the late eighties early nineties. We had a lot of fun. I mean, it's just eighteen nineteen. He was like eating like the star quarterback on the biggest college football team in the country. You know, it will walk around campus. But our campuses the whole world with traveling the world a plate of front one hundred thousand people every night, and like a lot of college football players eighty we're getting paid to do it. It was a great time. Where you was there. Any one time where you looked around at your surroundings. And we're like at that time. How the hell did we end up here? How is all of this possible? All the time all the time. But that kind of attitude can be a little detrimental. So I just had turned it into gratitude. I just grab it than. Be skeptical or feel undeserving because they'll want really deserves to be that thing.

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Donnie Wahlberg picks games for the week and reveals the best time in his life

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