Kareem Hunt says NFL never interviewed him about assault


Past week something else has happened guy by the name of Ruben foster who had a run in before with the law and domestic violence had. He had another one just days after appearing in an orange jail jumpsuit accused again of domestic violence, the Washington Redskins are offering to put Reuben foster in a burgundy and gold NFL uniform the young linebacker who is face game suspensions and a weapons charge was released by the forty Niners after this latest incident. Yes, yet another incident he's released he's released because of what he did to his ex slash girlfriend. Eric. Trip. My phone number. Let me and my face claiming foster is a controversial move for the Redskins as police and the NFL investigate. He can't play for now. Yeah. But he's got talent. And he's twenty four he can get to the quarterback. The other one could score. Will you walk a fine line? It doesn't look good for the NFL cream hunts knocking to play the rest of this year. He's not. The Reuben foster thing is an interesting thing. It's an ugly. Look for the NFL that somebody claimed him off waivers. You know, why they did that first of all these twenty four. Secondly, the woman who is accusing him has already been caught lying once before when she accused him before. And here's where bad judgment comes in. If somebody accuses you of something awful, potentially destroys your life and your livelihood. And you choose to go back to them that shows that you have poor judgment. There's no guarantees ever gonna play her gas with you. I mean, he's that a lot of work to do personally with the team with the NFL with himself before even thinks about playing football. Again, the NFL's got a lot of thinking to do. But I think we all know this. If you have talent you're going to get far more chances than somebody who is essentially done. Thirty year old Ray rice, wasn't Twenty-three-year-old Ray rice. So he was no use to anybody. He probably at a year or two left Twenty-three-year-old Kareem hunt potential MVP in the prime of his career twenty four year old Ruben. Foster can get to the quarterback. A lot of thinking to do NFL. You got a lot of thinking to do. But it shows you in a lot of ways. It's a business

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